FAQ's for LisaLoo Creations
Professional Face Painting

Q: What kind of paint do you use for face painting?

A: My "paints" are not paints at all! I actually use professional theatrical water based make-up that can easily be washed off easily and gently with soap and water. Everything I use, including the glitter, is FDA approved as safe for use on the face and skin. It's so gentle on the skin - even I wear it! :)

Q: What brand of face paint do you use?

A: I use mostly Mehron's Paradise AQ, some Wolfe FX, some Ben Nye and some Snazaroo.

Q: What kind of face painting designs do you do?

A: You can view my face painting in my photo albums to see my art. (Click on "GALLERY" from the home page.) For parties, I can do full-face, half-face, quarter-face designs, simple eye designs or designs on the arms and legs. There are even more and more recent photos on my FaceBook page.

Q: How long does it take you to paint a face?

A: Most of the face designs that I do at parties, which include my full-face designs, take me approximately 3-5 minutes to complete. I can paint approximately 15-17 faces in an hour, depending on the wiggiliness of the children. ;)

Q: Do you have a FaceBook Page?


Q: Do you take classes?

A: Yes! I have taken classes with various renowned artists from all over the world! I have attended international and national face painting conventions, taking classes there. I have taken classes with Award Winning, World Renound Professional Face and Body Painters as recently as August 2011 and plan on taking many more in the future. I continually study, practice and train to continually improve my art. I love what I do and constantly strive to better myself and my skills. I also try to work with local artists to share information and ideas.

Q: Do you paint adults? And, do adults like to get their faces painted?

A: These questions always amazes me... of course I paint adults!! Are you kidding, a bigger "canvas" that holds still?! :D Many adults who would never consider getting their face painted change their minds when they see my facepainting and realize that I use make-up and not paint. I have to say that all of the adults I have painted LOVE to get their faces painted.

Q: How do I book you for a face painting party? What questions will you ask me?

A: You can call me at (210) 218-8991, or you can send me an email at lisaloocreations@yahoo.com. I will ask you the name and age of the birthday person; how many guests you are expecting; your address and zip code; how many hours you will need me to paint and what the party theme will be. I will also need to know if the party is inside or outside. Generally, outside becomes a problem for me if there is no shade in the summer, if there is too much wind, or if I do not have a solid ground to stand on (my table and chair wobbles too much). Even if your party is outside, it is sometimes possible to have the facepainting inside or on a porch of some sort. 

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes, a non-refundable Booking Fee of $25 will hold and secure your date and time. This amount goes towards your final payment.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash or check.

Q: Do you accept tips?

A: Yes! Tips are not required, but much appreciated!

Q: How far in advance should I book you?

A: As soon as possible. As soon as you know the date and time of your party, book me to insure that I will be available for you.  I often book up two months ahead.

Q: How far will you travel?

A: Anywhere in and around San Antonio and up to 45 miles from my home. Outside of that I am willing travel further for an additional travel fee and for a multi-hour party.

Q: Do you do anything else besides face painting?

A: Yes! See my "Services" page for the many services I can provide for you.

Q: Do you wear a costume?

A: No. I wear comfortable work clothing, usually jeans, sneakers and my business shirt. In the summertime, I wear long jean shorts,  khaki or jean Capri pants with my business shirt. Occasionally, I will dress for the party when it is more formal.

Q: Why should I hire a professional face painter?

A:  While it is true that you will pay more for a skilled professional face painter than an unskilled painter, in  you still com out well ahead. First of all, I use top quality FDA compliant theater make-up and glitter, which is extremely important. You don't want your guests to break out in a rash or have toxic, cracking stiff acrylic paint being applied at your party. Tempera paints or acrylic paints are dangerous and not suitable for use on the skin. My professional-grade cosmetic glitter is not made from aluminum like craft glitter is. My glitter is made from a very soft polyester that will not scratch, cut or damage the cornea like other glitters will.  Second, I am able to paint much more quickly than a hobby or volunteer painter. I spend hours practicing my skills to that when you hire me, I can provide super fast, high quality designs. I can get your whole party painted quickly, but not a single person feels shorted. Everyone is happy with their results.  As a professional, I also have a lot of experience in handling large crowds and large groups of children. Finally, my painting can become the entertainment for the party while I'm painting. Your guests leave your party totally satisfied that they had such a good time and enjoyed the entertainment that you provided. It's definitely a win-win situation.

Q: A job like this you must be rich!?

A: It's really cute when the kids ask me if I'm rich, but quite amazing to think that anyone else would think so. Seriously though, the truth is that after taking out the cost of my many professional supplies, fuel, commute time, advertising costs and materials, website fees, training, and all of the other astonishing costs of running a business, there's not a whole lot left! And all this is assuming that I have steady work coming in when it's really "feast or famine" for me. So, unfortunately, I'm not rich... not even close. :)

Q: Will you donate your services to our charitable event?

A: This is something that I get asked a lot, and while I love using my skills for good causes, I must limit the amount of time that I donate to charities. This is my job, and I must earn a living with it. I am currently committed to all of the charities that I can handle, and cannot accept more. However, I am willing to work for a reduced rate considering the organization and my schedule. Thanks for understanding!